Friday, June 6, 2014

Faith, Love, and Hope.

Deuteronomy 32: 11&12
11 As an eagle stirs up its nest,
   and hovers over its young;
as it spreads its wings, takes them up,
   and bears them aloft on its pinions,
12 the Lord alone guided him;
   no foreign god was with him.
Jesus is a God who is willing to guide us. He will never let His chilrdren walking alone without His guidance for The Lord will lead you forever. He wants to guide us directly. God's guidance could broke our comfort zone like an eagle broke its nest. For your information,

"Eagles search for high cliffs, the tallest trees to tall towers. After getting a place that is comfortable, the first time the eagles will gather twigs and sharp objects of any sharp or pointed that does not seem suitable for a cozy nest of young birds. Having a keen bird nest that was so sturdy enough to live in, then the eagles will gather twigs and dried leaves soft put it on prickly nest, so the nest does not feel sharp again to live. Then become quite comfortable nest for the eagles mate.
When an eagle is about to spawn, it decorates its nest to be comfortable. Eagles will take fluffy and thick hairy skin of its prey animals to be placed above the nest. And lastly, the eagles would pluck their feathers smooth and put it in the topmost layer in the nest, resulting in a nest which is very soft, gentle and warm so that their eggs can be incubated with very good condition. When it was time the bird eggs hatch, the mother diligently nurturing and feeding her children.
However, the children of this eagle is not destined to stay in the comfortable nest. After the mother saw that her children were grown, then it also means it's time for the children to leave the cozy nest. To make the children out of the cozy nest that the eagle shoving her out of the nest so he would learn to fly. But usually the children of the eagle refused to leave the nest, because they are more comfortable in the nest. Thus, with strong claws, eagle's started pulling and tear apart the top layer of the nest and start throwing fluff the nest. Then the eagle also started pulling dead leaves and throw it so that it only lags hive twigs sharp and crisp woods alone. The shape is still the same as the bird's nest, but the situation is very different, very uncomfortable to live. This situation eventually make the children uncomfortable in the nest any longer, so they go anywhere else to keep comfortable.
When the childer learn to fly, with no feeling, the parent will overturn the nest.
No half-hearted, small eagle that will be left free fall thousands of feet to the sharp rocks underneath.
In its panic, it will strive for the eagle flapping its wings. At the last second before it pierced the sharp stones, its parent eagle swiftly grabbed and dropped its child back. It is performed repeatedly until it becomes strong enough and eventually be able to fly alone."

So does God. He does the same things to us.  When we almost fall to the ground, He catches and carries us. For there is a quote that says : "Being a Christian doesn't mean you won't fall. It means Jesus will catch you when you do."

The battle field is the problem that we are facing now.

Why the eagles drop its own kids? Because it wants its children find their self identity and again, God does the same things as well. If we have already found our identity, we are safe now.
So the question is, what is our identity?
The answer is quite simple, but it means a lot.
"We are His children. We are filled by His power. And we have victory in our hands!"
God has given us potential to have an ability to conquer the dark (it's not only preachers and pastors who can do it)

And finally, let's learn from eagles. Their ways to face problems. They fly up high to the heavens.

P.S: Rely on Jesus, our God. Do not rely on other gods.

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